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Welcome to home of Pocket GCC project - native compiler/toolchain for arm-wince-pe (Pocket PC)!

2006-06-15 - CeGCC project continues pocketgcc cause. They had couple of releases this year, and have pretty active mailing list. It is recommened for all interested in pocketgcc to try and work with CeGCC. - pfalcon

2006-06-15 - Wonder what projects Vitaly is now working on? Stay assured that they are not less cool than pocketgcc and pcsharp! He ported NASA WorldWind, an open-source alternative to Google Earth to Java, essentially making it cross-platform. Visit WW2D and its wiki. - pfalcon

09.08.04 - important I stopped working on this project some time ago. Info on latest versions of tools created by other people you'll find in PocketGCC Yahoo! Group. Now I'm working on next project - C# compiler and IDE for PocketPC so you can develop .NET applications onboard. Check it here.

12.11.03 - important I created Pocket GCC group at Yahoo! Groups instead of mail list. So now members can easily navigate through messages and archive, share files, create polls and so on. Read more in Documentation section if you'r interested.

08.11.03 - Fixed buggy implementation of some math functions for 'long long' type. Once again thaks to Hitrov D. for contributing 64-bit code. Plus spaces now supported in paths and easier installation procedure.

29.10.03 - Finally bug with floating-point emulation functions fixed! Now all floating-point types work quite well. Many thanks to Hitrov D. and goga for helping me to do this.

25.10.03 - Mail list created for Pocket GCC users! Look for details in Documentation section. Plus bug with 'long long' (__int64) type fixed.

15.10.03 - Some C++ supporting libraries missing in previous version. Please download new one and check sample build script included for new linker options.

11.10.03 - Finally it's done! :) After several months searching for weird error in linker.. I'm glad to announce my port of GCC/Binutils for StrongARM-WinCE-PE (PocketPC) host! If you wanted to develop on your PDA - go and download C/C++ and MS sources-compatible development tools!


GCC and Binutils are open-source mutliplatform C/C++ compiler and supporting tools (library manager, linker,..). For details visit official site.

This site provides binaries of native compiler for PocketPC platform, required minimal includes and libraries taken from standard PocketPC 2002 SDK, and also some other necessary tools. So that now it's possible to develop applications on the go using almost fully supported C/C++. This means that normally source code written in eVC (MFC isn't supported yet) can be built and then executed on PDA without conversion and any additional runtimes.

Console mode applications can be built as well as standard applications, resource files (.rc) are fully supported. Version number of GCC is 3.2 and of Binutils - 2.13.


Future plans

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