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Welome to home of Pocket C# project - C# compiler running under Windows CE!


Pocket C# is port of C# compiler from DotGNU project to Windows CE. DotGNU contains open-source runtime, compiler, tools and many other things to make free cross-platform .NET environment. I took only compiler and several required tools and ported them with some modifications to WinCE platform. It's quite easy to use and I'm going to make IDE for more comfortable usage.

What all of this means? In a few words it means that now you can develop and build applications using standard .NET CF and C# right on your pocket device. It's really easy, you almost don't need to do anything manually - just write your code and project file and then build it with one tap!

Please visit public discussion group for latest info, downloads and help. And click here for more information about DotGNU.


12.06.04 - CAB-based installation created, so you don't need to do anything manually.

10.06.04 - Small update to version 1.01 and more documentation added to this site.

09.06.04 - First public working version released.


Future plans